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The Core 5: Keeping Our Practices Alive

1. Principles - NOT FEAR

iPT will rigorously advocate for all tenets of APTA Vision 2020 and will always act based on what is right for patients, physical therapy practices, and the public at-large. iPT will never make decisions based on fear.  It is not helpful and is not the right, moral, or principled thing to do.

2. Quality Leadership

Membership organizations can accomplish a lot when their leaders actively pursue information regarding member’s needs. Leaders should respectfully listen to and hear their members' concerns.  Members with dissenting views should be encouraged so that appropriate professional dialogue is encouraged leading to better decisions.  Organizations that want everyone to agree on everything all the time usually accomplish very little.

3. Accountability and Transparency

iPT will have an open and transparent policy with its members.  It will always take responsibility for its mistakes, as well as it successes.  iPT will encourage bringing  disagreements and conflict to the forefront for professional debate and will discourage sweeping professional issues under the rug.

4. Conflict of Interest

iPT's principles will be guided by its members and leadership without any influence from lobbyists, public officials, or others who may not be looking out for the best interests of our patients and practices.

5. Culture of Competence

iPT will have a culture of competence, professionalism, and the willpower to WIN.  We  cannot allow the past failures of our profession to dictate our future.  We will not be discouraged or dissuaded from presenting ourselves as, or becoming, more than just ancillary service providers.  It is only with strict adherence to these virtues that Physical Therapists can realize their true value.



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