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  • 8 Apr 2020 9:59 AM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Here are the files & links from our Town Hall on April 7th:

    Recording Link

    2020-04-07 TeleRehab Coding - Billing.pdf - PDF version of the Excel file below

    2020-04-07 TeleRehab Coding - Billing.xlsx - Contains some links to payer sites in addition to the info in the PDF

    4 Cash Flow Estimator.xlsx - May help you estimate your cash flow from old AR and current work

    2020-04-07 Town Hall Q and A.pdf - Questions and our best effort answers in this rapidly changing environment

  • 2 Apr 2020 10:33 AM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    This PDF lists our response to the submitted questions, remember, this is NOT LEGAL ADVICE. Check with your attorney or advisors. 2020-03-31 QA Session - NOT LEGAL ADVICE.pdf

    Here is a link to the document from the PPS webinar with Tucker|Arensberg Attorneys 

  • 1 Apr 2020 8:03 AM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Many thanks for Supervisor Kristin Gaspar for the excellent Town Hall last night 3/31/2020. Download the presentation: KGaspar Small Business Coronavirus 2020-03-31.pdf

    Here is a link to the video.

  • 1 Apr 2020 7:54 AM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Clearly small businesses are in for some challenges. In fact, our very survival rests on making good decisions.

    I've put together some ideas from various sources, download this: Small Business Strategies 2020-04-01.pdf

    I've also created a daily key metric, income & expense tracker to help you stay on top of your cash flow and activity. Download this: Felder Daily Calculator.xlsx

    Here is a link to the PPP (Paycheck Protection Program) Application

    Hang in there, we will get through this!

  • 24 Mar 2020 7:17 PM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Here are the files for the COVID-19 Webinar. A link to the recording will be posted later and will be sent directly to everyone that registered. Sorry we were not able to accomodate all who wanted to get on the webinar.

    COVID-19 Town Hall Files

    COVID-19 Town Hall Video

  • 12 Mar 2020 1:32 PM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    We have heard of a variety of efforts that clinics are taking to help reduce any negative impact on patient care, visits or business operations in their clinics.

    Chuck Felder drafted this notice for his clients and is happy to share it with iPT's e-mail list. This is meant to be posted in your clinic. You can customize this as appropriate for your office.  

    Obviously, this is also a key time to place extra efforts on cleaning all surfaces in your office that are frequently touched like counters, door knobs, weights, wands, etc.

    Let's do our part to reduce the spread!  

    COVID-19 Notice.docx

  • 18 Oct 2019 10:48 AM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Anthem Is At It Again. Why can't they get it right?

    We've learned from multiple members that Anthem is once again denying claims for no AIM authorization, even though AIM is NOT REQUIRED at this time.

    Complain to DMHC. Hopefully they will push Anthem to fix this NOW!

  • 6 Sep 2019 4:26 PM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    Our attorney reviewed the revised contract from Anthem date 8/12/2019. Click on the link below:

    Anthem Revised Contract Analysis 08-26-2019

  • 23 Aug 2019 2:08 PM | Chuck Felder - iPT Exec Dir (Administrator)

    We've heard from members that they want to know what the Fee Schedule is for Medicare and CA Worker's Compensation for their locality. There are 32 localities in California, organized by COUNTY. In some cases multiple Counties are combined into one locality. 

    We have created a Medicare & Work Comp allowed amount calculator for each locality in CA. The files are organized by Medicare Locality number.

    Most Northern & Central California Localities start with 0111...

    Most Southern California Localities start with 0118...

    Use the Medicare & CA WC Allowed tab to play "what-if" scenarios so you can see what various code combinations pay. 

    This workbook can be quite helpful in determining if you should accept a contract requiring discounts off the Medicare Fee Schedule or the Official Medical Fee Schedule (OMFS) for California Worker's Compensation.

    Members CLICK HERE to go the Calculator page.

    Non-members CLICK HERE to jump to the Join Now page.



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